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Here are some pictures of my summer vacation:

Take me out to the Ballgame.  An evening at Bo Sox.
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Relaxin' at my Sister's / boyfriend's Pool

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Saying Goodby (Alan! Cut that out!)

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David's going places! (That's a 200 foot drop there!)

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Good Eatin's fun when you do it with the gang!

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There's more to come.

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Uncle Harold, Sandown's Historian, Deb and Gary.

See Ya next year!


My Grandkids

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By Popular demand "Yellow"

Nothing like a good scratch on the chops

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Here's Sophie!!

Yeah!  So what are you looking at?

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Take me Home!

                     Hey! Look!   I'm surfin' for a mouse!

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Verrryy Interesting!  A MOUSE pointer!

Quick!  Control-Alt-Delete! I think I ate it!

More pictures of Sophie here

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