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Welcome to my Archive Page.

New.   Devotional studies that I have sent out to my Sunday School Class.


The Power of a Kind act.   A poignant story of a missed opportunity to win someone for Christ. .


In Defense of Christian Reason.   The need for careful, reasonable Christian Thought.


When Jesus Touches a Life.   This started out as a devotional but grew into a full-fledged Bible study.


Here are some lessons from my current Proverbs series


"Lady Lust Ain't no lady, Part 1, (Part 1, Part 2." Acrobat Adobe) format file.


Lady Lust, Part 2 (HTML version).


Wisdom's call to life  in Christ

This page is reserved for past Sunday School lessons.   As I move on from a current Lesson Series I will leave the lessons along with their document hyperlink here.  You may select your desired lesson from the list below.

It doesn't matter whether you are going to Don's and my class or faithfully reading the lessons via the web.  Please click on the "Lesson Feedback"  button on the left and submit what you would like to see by way of subject on our Bible Studies.  Thank you, Alan


The Lamb of God
Behold the Lamb of God The Beloved Lamb of God God's Great Lesson on Love and Sacrifice The Paradox of the Lamb.
The Supremacy of the Lamb and the Prayers of His Saints Victory of the Lamb Defeat of Satan's Kingdom No More Tears (The Battle's Won - The Crying's Done)


Miscellaneous Bible Studies
Discipleship: Friendly Persuasion. God's Passion for you and me. Biblical Giving The Resources of Biblical Giving
Who to Invite to the Cookout Random thoughts about Confession The 4 R's of Salvation


God's Love
God's Love, Introduction God's Love Illustrated and Contrasted The Evidence of God's Love Evidence concluded, The Energy of God's Love
The Expression of God's Love The Objective of God's Love The Connection of God's Love The Confidence of God's Love (Dying Grace)
The Conclusion of God's Love


The Tabernacle
The Blueprint of our Salvation The Levites, in the Lord's Service.

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