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I have a new web site dedicated to photography.  Check it out.


My CameraPhotography.  I have been shooting 35 mm for almost 40 years.  Recently my web publishing activities has made switching over to digital necessary - nice cameras out there.  This is mine, a Panasonic PV-DC 2090. I have an 8 meg and a 16 meg Compact Flash Card installed.  Most the good looking pictures on this web have been taken with this camera (no comments from the "peanut gallery" on my mug shot on the home page please)....My granddaughter is now using this camera.  She likes it a lot.  It still take great photos.

My Return to film photography.

2007: I have recently returned to film photography with the purchase of a Canon T90.  I'm having a lot of fun with this camera.  See below for more comments.

5700sm.jpg (7100 bytes)I have recently picked up a Nikon 5700.  It seems to be a really great camera.  I was having problems with flash sync problems with my Panasonic - that problems has gone away.   It has an awesome Zoom feature (8X optical plus 4X digital).  Here's an excellent review of it.

By the way, I still have an almost complete collection of Canon FD series 35 mm cameras - AT-1, AV-1 and A-1.


My Canon A-1 with motor drive (5 frames / sec)    Larger A1 ImageHi-Res A1 Image.

This is my Canon A1 with motor drive.  I can take up to 5 frames / second.  I will be adding some of my own creative pictures taken with this camera.   It is in excellent shape - no signs of use - no rubbed off paint nor dings.  I have a Tameron macro / 85 - 220 mm telephoto with a 2X teleconverter and a Canon 24 mm wide angle lens.

I just had it serviced - replaced the battery door that was broken and had it cleaned and lubed.  It had developed the typical A1 shutter squeal - it's gone now.  Just like new.


Click here for larger pictureJust picked up a 533G Speedlite - very strong flash!  I'm very pleased with my A1 collection so far - what with the other camera bodies - two AT-1's and an AV-1.  I have a power winder for those bodies too - the "A"  winder.  My son is finding it very handy in his photo class.  I'm especially pleased with a pic of a duck taking off from a lake.  Shot number one shows the duck swimming in the lake.  Then the sound of the power winder startled it and it took off - nice shot.

Medium Res

High Res.

Here's my latest "toy" - a 500 mm super-telephoto.

Click here for Medium Res picture.

I had go get a new tripod - my first one was too shaky.  I now have a Bogen 3021BPPRO with the 3030 head.  Here are some shots at Lake Massabesic.

Here is a front view showing the mirror


Update on my A1:  I just picked up the 17mm super-wide lens.  My lens collection is almost complete now.  See medium res picture here.


My T90Just bought a Canon T90.  I'm excited to give it a test drive.  Here's a real good website.  Click here.  Here's another great site:  Click here.  Here's a place that can repair the T90.  Another is Sanford Camera Repair in Arlington Mass.

I wrote a journal of my experience buying the T90 and taking it for a first "test drive." Click here.

It's PDF format sorry,  the links do not work.  Look for the endnote number after the link and refer to the endnote at the end of the document - that link works.





Here's a web site where a digital camera is being used for astronomy pics.

Some photos:

Click for larger imageLunar Eclipse.  Taken with my Nikon 5700.  This goes to my "sister" site.   Hit back button to return.




venus_trans-cp-th.jpg (45987 bytes)Venus transition taken with Nikon 5700 with two neutral density filters.