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 The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy.

This is an excellent medical manual. 

Home Page - Support-Group.Com.

Here's the best support group site I have seen yet. There is just about every imaginable site for most medical conditions. I have met some good friends on this Web Site.  Here is the List of Medical conditions.

New England sites
All things New Hampshire

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Research, Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster On-Line.  Features a dictionary and thesaurus. If you misspell a word, it gives you a list of likely possibilities. This site is my first choice.

Your Dictionary.  An unusual dictionary site featuring many different dictionaries in many languages. Some dictionaries do not supply likely possibilities for misspelled words.

Encarta World Dictionary. Features pronounciation - another good one. 

Ok - Here's the whole thing:  Encyclopedia, dictionary and Atlas


Government Agencies

Contact Your Congressman

Social Security On-line

AARP's Social Security Information

State Government Agencies.

New Hampshire Government Agencies

Vermont Government Agencies

Massachusetts Government Agencies

Maine Government Agencies

Connecticut Government Agencies

Rhode Island Government Agencies



More Learning and Research

Britiannica.   Top rated research site.

The History Channel.  My favorite TV channel goes on-line.

The Learning Channel.  Have fun while learning!

Discovery Health.

Writing Skills

Capital Community College's grammar skills page.

Kathy's Guide to Writing a Basic Essay.



A recommended financial site.


The well-known and respected magazine has gone on-line.  Loaded with information. Includes sections such as, "Personal Finance", "Business Forecasts", "Kids and Money"....

I use this company to manage my 401k account.   Log in here to check your accounts with them.


The Financial Network


Do it Yourself Dot Net  This website features a wide variety of projects.  Featured on HGTV

Computer and Internet

GoDaddy.   I am currently using GoDaddy as a host for this web site.  Excellent service.


Digital Photography Review.  This is the best place to check out that new digital camera you want to buy.  Extensive reviews along with galleries of pics of your camera of interest. Good technical info too.


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