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My Favorite Shopping Sites

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General categories

Everything under the sun - not just booksI use this site quite a bit.  Fast delivery, email confirmation.  Never been disappointed.


"LET'S ALL GO TO WALLY-WORLD!" Affectionately dubbed "Wally-World" by the teens that I know.  "Let's all go to 'Wally-World!'" is our favorite shopping slogan up here.

THE COMPETITIONThe Competition! A personal note if I might.  Kmart is going through a particularly difficult financial time these days.  I encourage you to shop Kmart to keep them in our neighborhood

JACQUES FLOWER SHOP.  Order your flowers online.

valu-page.gif (3216 bytes)Collect your web-coupons here and get savings at your local store


Computer Related

Lots of good info in Internet Security, VirusesI use their anti-virus and internet security program.  Their "Live Update" is the easiest way to keep the programs and their antivirus definitions of any such programs that I know of.

McAfeeHere's the competition. One of my computers kept hanging up when I was using Symantec's AV.  I uninstalled it and put McAfee's version in and it's been flying ok since.  Nice site - check it out.

FRISK - F-PROT Anti-virus Software. This is my current Antivirus program.  A friend of mine who works for the State of NH recommended the program.  It is effiective - is the least intrusive of all other AV programs and has a neat multi-computer license at a good price.  The single license is a real bargan

COMPUTER SHOPPERThis is the "bible" of all serious computer shoppers.  Every imaginable product is available and some are reviewed.  There is a shopper price feature and usually a link to the company that makes the product or the store that sells it.

Gateway.   Get your "Cow" here ;) - Seriously, very high customer satisfaction - Office Max sells 'em now in their store. They have a really great "assembly line" feature where you can customize your computer and get a quote.

Dell4me.   A very popular, highly rated,  direct order computer company.

shopibm.gif (1074 bytes)IBM has gone to direct sales.  I have no information on their level of service - stay tuned


Home Improvement

Rockler - Woodworking and Hardware.  Here is a really good site for ordering some hard to find hardware and woodworking items. Its format is easy to use.  
For example, they provide a source for square-drive screws.

TOOL CRIB.   Amazon has this site for the handyman or the professional.

Safe Internet shopping    This web site breaks up shopping the internet into handy categories.


vert-bright-grn-line.gif (873 bytes)

Toys for everyone

We used this company to find a hard-to-find-toy for one of our grandkids.

Home Depot  Features "calculators" for figuring out airconditoner size, generator size, number of wallpaper rolls needed, carpet, tile and other applications.

Sears.  Toys 'n Everything else for all ages.



Favorite Factory Outlets

L L Bean

Yield House / Renovator's"Manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Items for Your Home."  The web site has more content now - there is an 800 # where you can order their excellent catalogue of very hard to find items including antique reproductions - worth the effort of ordering the catalogue.  I've been at their store and they have some great hard-to-find items.




CORNER HARDWAREA sponser on HomeTime of PBS fame.  This site offers advise for the do-it-yourselfer.



The Kitchen

KITCHEN ETC."The worlds largest online kitchen."  Everything from fine dinnerware to kitchen furnature.

CHEF'S CATALOGUE"Professional Restaurant Equipment for the Home Chef."

GADGETS FOR THE KITCHENI'm sorry to see that this website is still not working.  The stores are great. There's one at the Mall of NH.


'Round the House

Linens 'n Things. A good assortment of everything for Bed and Bath.

Sure Fit Slip Covers.  Looks like a nice place to get your sofas and overstuffed chairs covered.

Consumer Protection

Better Business Bureau Index.  Look up a business and see if they are ok.


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