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Things That Matter Most Series.

This is a basic Christian life series that I started a couple of years ago.  It followed my series in Ecclesiastes so the first lesson will start from there.  The lesson order is the oldest starts from the bottom of this page.

Honor our Parents.

July 2009.  Here is another lesson that I would like to revisit.  It comes after my finishing my series of Apostle Paul, Romans.  The issue of the heart as it relates to our parents and to our Heavenly Father is discussed.

Our Struggle -- The Sovereign work of God with our Conscience.

August 2008.  I would like to revisit this previous subject -- our conscience.  I'm going to approach it as a struggle.  Indeed, we are in a battle with the Enemy Satan and Christ's claim for our conscience -- our soul.  Here are the two lessons.

 Our Struggle.

Dealing with a guilty conscience - for believers only.

Confession is Good for the Soul.

Confessing our personal sins to the Lord is a privilege not just a duty.  For the truly regenerate mind it is not a matter of being sorry we are caught in our sin but that we want to please the Lord.  Confession is the result of the ministry of the Word and the conviction by the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Recovering from Personal Sins.

This is a bible study I gave some time ago. I think it deserves revisiting.

Occupation with Christ

I recently did an extemporaneous presentation of our biblical mandate to put Christ first in our lives.  I'll try to put up a brief recap.

Life in Christ part 2.

Our destiny in Christ is studied.

Our new life in Christ.

New life in Christ is explored in the next two series.  Romans 6 is where the example of the gardener planting seeds is used to explain the new life believers have in Christ.

The Regenerate mind.


The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Our Position and Possessions.

This is an introduction to what some Bible students call "34 Things believers have in Christ."  The power to live the Christian life is studied.

Things that matter most part 2.

God has a wonderful plan for our lives.

Things that matter most part 1.

Who we are as sinners and as God's creation.