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Christian Classics - just about every imaginable source - Edersheim, St. Augustine, Jonathan - the list goes on. World-Wide Study Bible (Put out by Calvin College)
Discover the Word. OnePlace, Listen for life.  Includes Chuck Swindoll,   Focus on the Family, Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. R. C. Sproul  and many others.
Renewing Your Mind, R. C. Sproul

Today's Web Broadcast

Truth For Life.  Pastor Begg

Today's Web Broadcast Look up your favorite Bible verses here. Christian Books Distributers
Larry Burkett's Christian Financial Web Site. Steve Amerson - (Male Christian vocal soloist's)  Web site.
Calvary Bible Church, Derry NH Back to the Bible
Special note about Gateway to Joy.  Gateway to Joy is no longer on the air.  However, I recommend this excellent resource to anyone who desires to glean from the life of a godly woman - both men and women!

Gateway to Joy, Elizabeth Elliot.

Grace to You, Dr. John McArthur
American Family Radio Transcripts from Grace to You.
  SongTime with Dr. John DeBrine




(Note - (I will keep updating this page with the new look as I have time)  A special note about this site if I may.  The Worldwide Church of God has been for decades considered a cult.  Recently, the leadership has taken a complete turn-around and seems to be now an evangelical group.  Check it out and let me know what you think.   I think it is wonderful that God has reached WCG's leadership with the gospel.   They do observe the Jewish feasts rather than the traditional Christian Holidays.   Your comments are welcome.

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