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Beginning a new series:  Psalms.  This is survey class but I plan on emphasizing Psalms as a collection of the heart of the psalmist revealing his innermost feelings - thoughts toward the LORD.  At the same time the heart of the LORD (speaking anthropomorphically) is revealed.

Introduction to the Psalms.

We start off with an overview of the book of Psalms.  Psalms is a book of the heart - the heart of man as he lifts up his thoughts to the Lord and of the Lord Himself as His very character is revealed within the book.  We look at Psalm 96 in this first lesson.  Psalm 96 is a little unusual from the biblical Jewish point of view in that it has a world-wide view of Godís dealing with man.  We explore the chapter and see that the LORD has plans not only for Israel but  the gentiles, indeed, the whole of nature.  Read on.

Introduction to Psalms, Part 2.

Continuing on with the introduction, we explore the different types of Psalms.  New content as of May 7.  The theme of Messianic psalms is expanded.

Psalm 96, a psalm of redemption and the LORDís coming.

I'm considering Psalm 96 a Keystone chapter of the Psalms.  Psalm 96 is like the main tributary of many tributaries of the river of Redemption that run throughout the Bible.  Passages in Revelation, Genesis and Isaiah are explored.

Psalm 127, Setting our Priorities.

We need to take a step back and look at where we are going.  Psalm 127 helps us with that.

Psalm 116, All-Sufficient Grace in Death.

It's a difficult subject for us to face, personally.  This lesson does not deal primarily with the loss of a loved one.  Rather, let's take a biblical look at the provision of grace that the LORD provides for us all as believers.

Psalm 128, A special message for fathers on their day.

New Content:  More discussion of important issues that detract from the godly family.  Fathers have a big responsibility to lead the way in his family in godly living.  Let's take a look at Psalm 128 for a closer look at this.

Psalms 8 and 6, When Life hits the Fan.

We are not excluded from devastating events in our lives.  What is the biblical view in dealing with our setbacks?  Read on.