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The Arguement Against Life Without Christ.

I really enjoyed this series.  The basic approach is taken from Bible.Org's David Malick.  The approach really makes sense to me.  Solomon was facing his declining  years.  God had rekindled his heart and restored him in fellowship with Himself.  Solomon is exercising his spiritual gift of writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  What we have here is a very poignant account of a man of God who had been restored after backsliding from God.

The series is presented with the earliest at the bottom so scroll down and start with the August 11 lesson.  Alan Brown.


Sunday, January 19 Sunday School Lesson, "The Things That Matter Most."

Sunday, October 27 Sunday School Lesson, "The Conclusion: Life can be Fulfilling with Christ."

Sunday, October 13 Sunday School Lesson, "The Futility of Life Without Christ Defined."

Sunday, October 6 Sunday School Lesson, "The Third Argument Against Life Without Christ."

Sunday, September 29 Sunday School Lesson, "The Value of Friends."

I really enjoyed presenting "The Value of Friends."  There is a hint of the powerful biblical concept of Right Man / Right Woman in this lesson.   This is a must-read lesson, in my opinion.

Sunday, September 15 Sunday School Lesson, "The Supremacy of the Sovereignty of God."

Sunday, September 8 Sunday School Lesson, "The Worshipful Act of Giving."

Sunday, September 1 Sunday School Lesson, "The Three Paths Man can Take Without Christ."

Sunday, August 18 Sunday School Lesson, "The Pursuit of Achievement and Possessions is Futile without Christ."

Sunday, August 11 Sunday School lesson, "Introduction to Ecclesiastes' Argument against life without Christ."

Please check my "Archive Page" for some of the Proverbs series lessons that were here.

NEW! Bible study on "Doing God's Will."  See also   "Discovering God's Will."  This is a series that I gave several years ago.  I think it is such an important subject that we are repeating it in Sunday School class.   

NEW!  The Energy and Expression of God's Love.   In Adobe format - just the way it appears in my notes.