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Welcome to my Bible Study SiteHi.  I'm Alan Brown.  Welcome to my Bible Studies.

  This web site is mostly static as I am no longer doing a class.  I'm pleased how the series from Lamentations came out.  Although it is incomplete, The basic content is there and, I feel, is worth your reading.  The series will be titled The School of Hard Knocks: from the Book of Lamentations. Click the link to review the outline.

These are some Bible studies that I have given at my local church.  Just click on the buttons on the left and navigate to the studies of your interest.  Note that these studies are barely more than draft level that I supply to the class.  There will be typos.  I hope to edit out the typos as I have time.

Here's a project that I will be working on in the future.  It's very important in view of the fact that around 50% of Christian marriages end up in the divorce court these days.  Please read "Right Man Right Woman - God's design for Marriage."

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I'll be adding more Bible studies as I have time.  I'm presently adding to the History of Redemption series.  The other studies will not be added to for now.

Want to look up a Bible verse?  Check out the BibleGateway below.  I like it a lot.  I link to it in my Bible studies quite a bit.

You will be needing Acrobat Reader to look at these studies.  Click here to download the FREE version.

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