History of Redemption
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This is the most recent series.

The history of God's Redemptive plan goes way back before time.  Before the universe was created, God made plans to redeem man from the slave market of sin.  Follow us throughout the Old Testament as we pick up the scarlet thread of God's plan to restore man to Himself.

Introduction: Redemptive History and the 21st Century.

Man looks at history as a speeding train.  Anything in it's path will surely derail it and result in disaster. God has an entirely different viewpoint.  The plan is sure - if we read the last chapter in God's Word, WE WIN!  Please follow us as we introduce the big picture of God's thrilling plan to make the prospect of man sure and safe.

The Resurrection makes Possible the Culmination of Redemptive History.

Perhaps a long title but an important one in my mind.  We look at the importance of the Resurrection of Christ and by extension the topic of the resurrection of the believer and how it plays a foundational part in the culmination of Redemptive History.

The Horrible Plunge of Man into Sin - Redemption / Atonement introduced.

Adam and Eve were living in a perfect environment.  They were in perfect health, in fact would have lived forever.  The had a Perfect Companion -- God their Creator.  Yet tragically, they turned their backs on God in rebellion.  The result of their Sin brought tragedy into their immediate family and plunged all of mankind into the consequence of sin -- Death.

I found the passage that covered Cain and Jehovah fascinating. One of the phrases has been difficult to interpret - the phrase where the LORD says that sin is crouching at the door.  I think I have it figured out.  Read the lesson to find out.

In spite of the horrible account of the plunge into sin and the first murder,  redemption is there .  Let us look at this wonderful account of redemption -- passages that reveal the Love, Mercy and Graciousness of God.  The current document is now in its final draft state.

The Grand Theme of God's Grace.

It looked as though mankind had rejected the work of the Holy Spirit to call men to the LORD altogether.  But there was one man and his family -- Noah.  The Bible records that Noah 'found grace in the eyes of the LORD.'  So begins this wonderful account of God's gracious, kindly attitude and actions toward all those who would respond to Redemption's Call.  Read on.

The Offering of Isaac -- the Passion of Redemption Revealed.

The offering of Isaac for sacrifice has always been a curious biblical account.  One on hand unbelieving would-be biblical students find it morally offensive but on the other hand the writer of Hebrews finds it an act of faith worthy of mention in Faith's Hall of Fame.  Let's take a look at this passage and discover the passion behind the offering on the Beloved Son for the sins of the world.

The Gospel of Genesis and the 21st Century.

We look at an outline of Genesis by looking at the lives of the Patriarchs.  This lesson ties in how these men affected our lives in the 21st century.

Exodus from Sin, the Drama of Redemption.

Here we are at the center of Redemption's drama -- at least that's the way I want to depict it.  We start out with a brief view of the life of Moses, the man of God who started out trying to deliver Israel with his own hands only to find out that it had to be God's way in God's time.  Read on.

Exodus from Sin, the Drama of Redemption -- the Power of Redemption.

As we continue with this drama, we take a closer look at the Passover.  The power of redemption is explored as we compare the historical account of the deliverance of Israel and the deliverance of the sinner from Sin's grasp.

Review of the Feasts of Jehovah.

Next we take a look at the Jewish Feasts -- the Feasts of Jehovah.  These feasts were instituted by the LORD upon the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.  There are seven feasts -- each feast points to an important detail of the Person and the Plan of redemption -- Jesus Christ the Redeemer and the plan of redemption are wonderfully outlined by these feasts.  We will be covering the spring feasts in this lesson.  This is a 630KB download.

Celebrating our Redemption -- The Feast of Weeks, Shavout (Pentecost)

Redemption and the birth of the Church is further pictured in the Feast of Weeks.  Here we see the implementation of God's redemptive plan in this age in the calling of the Gentiles and Jews to Himself.  Read on.

Celebrating our Redemption -- The Feast of Trumpets, Announcing the coming of our Redeemer.

What an exciting prospect!  Here is the culmination of the redemption of the lost in this age.  At the sounding of the trumpet Jesus Christ will rapture his Redeemed.  Follow this excellent outline of redemptive history as we look into the future (near future?) at the coming of Christ the Redeemer.

Celebrating our Redemption -- The Day of Atonement, the day God's Grace rains down on the sinner.

This was the most awesome of Feasts.  Once a year the priest entered the Holy of Holies to offer up for the sins of Israel.  He wore bells on the hem of his garment so that the folks outside could tell he was still alive.  But it was an incomplete sacrifice because it pointed to the finished work of Christ on the Cross.  Read on.

Celebrating our Redemption -- The Feast of Tabernacles.

The final of Jehovah feasts, Tabernacles celebrates Jehovah's dwelling with His redeemed people.  It's an exciting end to the whole picture of Redemption.

Job, a Man Redeemed unto Righteousness.

We take a different tack as we trace the history of redemption through the Bible.  We think mostly that Job is about endurance under trials but this study takes a surprising look at the man Job -- his piety and his faith in his Redeemer.

Job, a Man Confident in his Redeemer.

I was going to wrap up this section on Job as it related to the History of Redemption but I could not.  Job 19 presents an almost contradictory man as he on one hand states that he is being treated by God as though he is an enemy and yet we have on the other hand this glorious stand that Job makes of his confidence in his Redeemer to make things right in the final day.  Read on.

Job's hope in the Resurrection.

This is our final visit with the book of Job.  The final grand testimony of Job is that even though he die he will see his Redeemer with his own eyes.  This is a clear reference to a literal resurrection.  It may have some reference to being delivered from his present difficulties but it reaches on to the end of time and witnesses hope that he will have eternal life and will see his Redeemer with his own resurrected body.

The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ as it related to our Redemption.

This is a rather lengthy lesson.  It takes us through a review of a previous lesson taken from our study of the Gospel of John and into the humanity of Jesus Christ.  I feel this is necessary because we need to completely understand the function of Jesus Christ as our Redeemer.  It's a big lesson but the file is only  about 100 kb long.

The Humanity of Christ as it relates to the Redemption of Mankind

We continue to explore the wonderful truth of the willingness of the Son of God to identify Himself with humanity.  Please read on.

The Christ of the Psalms.

We next come to the Psalms.  I have referred to this book as the heart of God.  Indeed.  God expresses matters of the heart best in this book.  It is here that the coming Christ is referred.  Early on in Psalm 2 we see the heart of the Father revealed where He says of His Son "I will surely tell of the decree of the LORD: He said to Me, 'You are My Son, Today I have begotten You." Psalms 2:7 (NASB95).

The Victory of the Lamb.

During the first lesson I said that I had read the last chapter of this "book" and I declared that "we won!"  Well, here is the last chapter.  It comes in two parts.  Why tie in the subject of Jesus, the Lamb of God.  Because here is where the problem of man's condemnation meets the God's Solution.  I think it is fitting that we take this look since I am wrapping up Redemptive History at this time.  Perhaps as God permits I will return and cover the Major Prophets, the Minor Prophets and the general topic of Redemptive History in the New Testament.  But for now let's take a look at this last chapter and revel in the prospect that in Jesus Christ the sinner wins over Satan.

In this first part we look at Jesus, the Lion of Judah, His royal lineage and finally the victory of the Lamb of God as illustrated by Roman Law.

The Victory of the Lamb part two.

Finally, in this last chapter,  we see the defeat of the kingdom of Satan.  We look at the topic of strategic victory over tactical victory and then revel in the song of the Redeemed.